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Where is Northfleet Harbourside?

Northfleet Harboursideis the area of Northfleet around the Ebbsfleet Football Club and down to the river side.

What are you planning to build?

Our proposals are for a mixed-use development made up of distinct areas. They include a new 8,000 seat football stadium for EUFC, local medical and healthcare services, a neighbourhood shopping precinct, a hotel, a commercial quarter with 180,000 sq ft of offices and workspace, a waterfront dining and leisure area, about 3,000 new homes and new public spaces and parks.

When will you start work on-site and how long will it take?

We would like to start work in Autumn 2023. The building will be in phases, and take 6-7 years in total.

What’s happening to Ebbsfleet United?

Our plan is to provide the football club with a new stadium and facilities here in Northfleet. The development will safeguard the long-term future of the club.

When will the new stadium be ready?

The new stadium is the centrepiece, and we are planning to open it in time for the 2024/2025 season.

What happens to the football club while they are waiting for the new stadium?

We are talking to suitable local clubs to arrange a ground-share while the new stadium is built. Once the planning application is passed, we can set up the agreement.

Why are you building homes?
The local area has a shortage of homes, these plans will help to fix that. They will be a mixture of for sale, for rent and affordable.
The site’s size, proximity to Gravesend, access to high-speed public transport links and the current shortage of housing in the locality realises a need to develop more housing here. These numbers align with Gravesham Borough Council’s own requirements.
How big are the new homes?
They are a mix of studio, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed homes.
Who are these new homes for?
They are aimed at first time buyers, local residents, commuters, renters across all demographics, including affordable housing and retirement living.
What about the shops are you building?
Northfleet retail will comprise a neighbourhood shopping centre catering for both the local community, and broader community requirements, including local essential retail and services.
Can you tell us a bit more about the retail plans?

The Northfleet Harbourside retail offer is aimed at the local community and immediate surrounding areas, alongside retail to support the stadium leisure experience. Our aim is to complement what already exists in the area.

What about car parking?
We will provide some car parking for residents, employees and visitors to the area, currently we are looking at around 2,500 spaces.
There are offices planned. Who will use these?
We are going to build offices, research and development centres and flexible workspace. This will allow us to bring lots of new jobs to the area, while supporting existing local businesses to grow.
Will there be jobs for local people?
Yes, our plans will bring jobs in lots of different sectors to Northfleet, including retail, hospitality, office and services, medical and construction.
What about the environment?
The environment is at the heart of every stage in this development plan. From the green ribbon of walking and cycling routes knitting the areas together to the energy efficient stadium for Ebbsfleet United, the riverside parks to the water and energy efficient new homes. We are working to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly new neighbourhood in Northfleet.
What about the construction noise for local residents?
We have commissioned a study into how we can keep disturbance to a minimum. There will be strict monitoring and noise control measures in place during the redevelopment.
How can I find out more and have my say?
We really want to hear from you! We are running consultation events in Northfleet, both in-person and online, and we want your views and ideas. This is a new neighbourhood for everyone in Northfleet.
Our first events are coming up soon, you can find out more and register through our website. We will be showing you our plans, talking to you to find out what you want and need and be there to listen and answer any questions. All of your comments will be taken on board as we move to the next stage of the plans. We look forward to seeing you there.
If you can’t attend our events, you can still find out details on our website and call us or email us.